We arrived Lilongwe, Malawi Kamuzu International airport at 11.00am 
local time, that’s 5am in the US ( Eastern time ). Our work begins immediately!
Looking forward to the Pangaea Project 2011.

View of the famous Mount Kilimanjaro from the airplane at 34000 ft.
Mount Kilimanjaro is the highest mountain in Africa and fourth highest
in the world. Its highest point is 19,341 ft.

Rising sun over Africa skyline.

Buckingham palace is the home of the Queen of England. 
The palace guards look like toys… until they move.

Although London streets are narrower than streets in  the US and Canada, 
the red double decker bus is a common site. 
People use the bus to get around . 
Isa Ebowe, President Canterio USA and Luke Masuen, President Canterio Canada
 waiting to depart to Malawi via London from 
Pearson International Airport Toronto, Canada