Literacy education for girls and women
genris international adult woment literacy program
The Light to Read program provides literacy education by teaching reading, writing, and numeracy. In rural areas, solar lights are supplied to allow the women the ability to study at night. Women and girls care for 95% of Orphans and Vulnerable Children in Africa. By teaching women basic literacy, they can start to change their lives, and the lives of the orphans and vulnerable children in their care. When these women begin reading with the children in their care, they foster a lifelong commitment to education.

Light to Read Business Component
Uganda LTR Chix getting big 1.2016
Women who enroll in this program receive investment money to start a business. They are encouraged to work together to come up with ideas to improve their lives. Examples of the program success: In Unsalu, Malawi, the women invested in livestock and are raising them to sell. They continue to work together as a group. In Mua Village, Kenya, the women decided to purchase chickens with their investment money. They divided the chickens between, using eggs for food and selling the extra to support their families.

Empowering Women

Women caring for orphans and vulnerable children face so many challenges. The Light To Read Program provides literacy classes, solar lights to extend the day for studying, and money to invest as a group. The financial incentive helps keep these women motivated to learn. The results have been better than we could have imagined for the women and the orphans in their care. Graduates report proficiency with basic reading, writing, and numeracy skills. All the businesses have been successful providing sustainable nutrition and income to their families.

To select women for the program, we call a village meeting to give the women
the opportunity to ask questions and provide input to customize the program.

Selection criteria are based on applicant's motivation and history of community involvement. Priority is given to girls and women caring for orphans and vulnerable children.

Generis International provides books, pen, pencils and other school materials to the women. We also provide solar lights in community buildings and kerosene lamps for the women.

Although this tablet is blank, it will soon be filled with letters and numbers as women in the this class learn to read and write for the first time.