Light to Read is our adult literacy program designed to teach 
illiterate women in rural Malawi how to read, write and 
understand math.  Upon completion, women will have the 
opportunity to participate in our entrepreneur investment program.
This program is designed to empower women in rural areas to take
charge of their lives by giving them economic opportunity. 

Many women came with their children 
to apply for the program.

These women were selected for the program.
They are dancing and singing with joy!

First day of class, women learning the English alphabet.

Women receiving writing materials 
from Isa and Luke to use in the program. 

A women in the program learning how to write her first alphabet. 
These women are proudly displaying their books and writing materials 
which they received from Canterio International after entering the program.

Women asking questions and contributing their input to the program.

This program will allow many of these women to support
themselves and their families.

We served some refreshments during orientation.