History of The Mwashinyambu Greg Baker Community School, Zambia

Greg Baker

Greg Baker 1978 to 2011

"I remember before the last time I saw Greg, when he was on a trip to California, we spoke regularly on the phone and often about my plans to help the orphans in Africa. When he got back to Mass he asked me to visit him and said it was urgent. When going over to his house I assumed it was about the pain in his leg and how to manage it. Instead of talking about his pain or his problems, he handed me a bucket of chocolate and asked me to give it to the orphans in Africa because with all the things they need, they probably never got candy. I left for Africa that week. That selfless act has stuck with me, especially since it was the last time I saw him. I have always wanted to do something in his name in Africa that will continue the spirit I found in Greg. Along this line, I have thought of building a school in his honor. By building a school, his selfless nature will help nurture orphans and poor underprivileged children with the opportunity for education that will last a lifetime." - Isa Ebowe, President, Generis International

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Finishing the school interior and Celebrating Greg September 2017

 Special thanks to Rhonda and Carl Steeg, Harvey and Michele Baker, and Jennifer, Julie, and Susan Steeg for making this school a reality!

Greg’s Birthday 2016

September 19th, celebrating Greg's Birthday in Shabwafwa!

honoring-greghappiness-in-memory-of-gregeveryone-gathered gathering preparing-the-food-2 thankspreparing-the-food tribes-coming-togetherfeast


Special thanks to Rhonda and Carl for their continued support of the Shabwafwa community!

Voice of America covers the Greg Baker School

Listen to story of The Greg Baker School on Voice of America!



Special thanks to the Baker and Steeg Families and all their friends who have made this school possible!

More Images of The Greg Baker School Dedication

The Greg Baker School Dedication on Monday June 6, 2016 in Shabwafwa Village, Zambia, Africa 

GBS Rhonda Carl IsaGBS FlagGBS Flag ZGBS DedicationGBS Dedication 1GBS Dedication 2GBS Dedication 3GBS CelebrationGBS Celebration 1GBS Celebration 2

The dedication ceremony, ribbon cutting, and celebration; this was a spectacular event and wonderful day for all!

Special thanks to the Baker and Steeg Families and all their friends who have made this school possible!

School Buildings Complete

We are excited to see the school buildings structurally complete!

Baker School 5.2016

Isa leaves next week to supervise the finishing touches before the school opens on June 6th.

Special thanks to the Baker and Steeg Families and all their friends who have made this school possible!

Plans and Construction

Original drawings of the school buildings
Baker classrooms_full drawings

Buildings during construction
Building update


Shabwafwa Village Outdoor School

When I arrived in the Shabwafwa Village the children were attending classes under a tree.

DSC04357 Girls bringing stones to sit on

Before class, the students had to bring bricks and logs to make benches to sit.

Villages benches for meeting SAM_5119